Who could forget about One More Chance of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo? If you have watched the first movie, there is no reason for not watching its sequel. No matter if it’s on cinema or on dvd still One More Chance is One More Chance so why not? But how about an independent film, how about a movie that tackles about politics or issues about culture, human rights, or the history of the Philippines? Would you still insist to watch it?


I watched the first screening of the 7th Pandayang Lino Brocka in PUP theater last September 7 Monday. Its a political film and new media festival. There is a forum lead by Mr. Bonifacio Ilagan that tackles about independent film as an art, his talk was entitled, Malaya at Mapagpalayang Pelikula. “Indenpendent films should be a movement.” that was the line of Mr. Boni Ilagan that I could never forget, and I agree with him. You cannot tell the importance of a film or any form of art without the significance of it, and I think that is what the mainstream media is lacking. An art should influence people’s perspective to bring up the better of themselves. But we might mislead ourselves because not every indi film has the characteristics like this. We must not forget that an art should contribute to the knowledge and help to enhance the good of our nation.

An art is something that is created with imagination and skill that is beautiful or expresses important ideas or feelings. imagination is easy, I think we do this every day but to have skills to finish an art, that’s a different story. I am a fan of those people who finish an art not just for personal interest but rather finish an art because they are inspired to do it for the sake of the nation and make themselves as part of the struggle of the mass.

There is this one film that touches me the most, the “Shapes of Crimson by Ej Mijares” the message is heavy and very moving especially for me that admires activism. The film is about how an activist pursue being an activist and why it is important. I must say that the film answers the some saying of today’s generation; “Gusto kasi ng mahihirap ibinibigay na lang lahat sa kanila” and “mga tamad asa lang nang asa sa gobyerno”. I do not know why we have this concept of activism today, because back then before Dr. Jose P. Rizal died or before former president Cory Aquino was proclaimed as the president of the Philippines, activism is highly respected form of activity. Back then people admire activism because they thought of it as heroism or courageous act to defend the people and protect human rights. But what happen today?

We did not know their complaints, because we did not seek information. We judge them by a limited intelligence or no intelligence at all. We must involve ourselves to them because no matter what happen we are one nation!

I’m sorry for the society that I have forgotten

I’m sorry for the children that I have not cared about

I’m sorry for the poor that I misunderstood

I’m sorry Philippines for my irresponsible being

But this battle wont end in sorry, we will fight for a better nation!

Quennie Acedegbega 2015


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