Okay first it’s not what you’re thinking, I’m not SM Parisian model, I wish I am though. I joined their contest “Slay Like Nadine” and this requires me to send picture wearing my OOTD with SM Parisian shoes and/or bag.

I actually learned about this contest 5 days before the final submission of photo. Lucky me, I already purchase SM Parisian heels and kept the receipt. I immediately message my best friend who is taking BA Advertising in Public Relation and has passion in photography  to take photos of me and this is what exactly I sent him “shoot mo ako” and he quickly agree without asking why (ikr, I’m so lucky to have a friend like him). So, there’s no long conversation needed we just planned to do photoshoot the next day at BGC.

I was very excited! People who knows me knows that I’m so up for picture taking. BGC is such a big place and very instagramable at any angle. Perfect spot for doing street fashion shoot. We also did the shoot on a weekday so there is not much of people roaming around.

There is public bathroom which is very nice and clean so I get to change outfits. All in all I had 5 different looks. Although we really wanted to shoot on murals we did not push it through because it’s too far from each other and since every spot is photo friendly, we just took photos on close areas from our location.

At the end of the day we eat at what my college friends call is “the place for bonding” Greenwich (I wish this is an ad, but it’s not). Then we return the camera to my best friend’s brother in law and had a mini tutorial on how to enhance photo in photoshop and lightroom in their house. Whooo what a long day.

I’m so excited for the result of the contest. Hopeful to meet Nadine Lustre in person ❤



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